We do the work so you don’t have to.

A plan to build from

At Geiger Investments, we recognize the significant duty we owe our clients. We take pride in providing them with greater financial confidence and added peace of mind throughout their lives. We have designed a process that enables us to fully understand our clients’ needs and concerns and allows us to develop a plan and recommendations to help them make important decisions with confidence.

Building Your Retirement BluePrint

• Discovery Meeting, or “The First Date”

Together, we identify your goals, values, dreams, and any special concerns or challenges you may have as you prepare for retirement. We will get to know you as you are able to get to know us as individuals and a firm.

• Retirement BluePrint Development

After carefully analyzing your current investment portfolio, risk and loss tolerance, and retirement income needs, we develop your asset allocation strategy and portfolio design.

• Retirement BluePrint Rough Draft Meeting, or “The Second Date”

We meet to review and discuss your customized Retirement BluePrint. Our team presents detailed information, pros and cons, and options available to you. As with building a home, we always welcome your input and will customize the plan to meet your unique needs.

• Implementation of Your Retirement BluePrint

We open new accounts, transfer existing assets, and fully implement your investment strategy, so you can start making the most of your available assets.

• Follow-up Meeting

We meet to review your first statements and other documents to confirm your understanding of your investment strategy implementation. We help you organize what you need to save and set up online account access.

• Ongoing Review of Your Retirement BluePrint

As your life changes, so does your Retirement BluePrint. We develop a schedule for progress review meetings to adjust your plan and make sure you are always as financially fit as you possibly can be.