Corporate Retirement Plans

If you own a business, no matter how large or small, you could benefit greatly from providing a corporate retirement plan. Not only are your employer contributions to such plans tax-deductible, but you also could receive tax credits for starting a plan and likely will be able to attract and retain better employees, thus reducing training expenses.

Still, some business owners are reluctant to introduce retirement plans because they come with fiduciary responsibilities. For instance, employers that sponsor 401(k) plans are required to select appropriate providers, choose and monitor investments, make sure the plan is properly administered, educate participants and more.

It all can seem daunting, but that’s where we can help

Working exclusively for you — not some company selling products — we offer these services to help ensure that you and your employees get the most benefit from your plan:


401(k) Plan Analysis
This includes recommending plan changes to reduce costs and improve service.


Plan Design Consulting
We review your plan to ensure benefits and contributions are maximized.


Investment Policy Statement (IPS) Design Assistance
An IPS details the plan’s investment philosophy, risk tolerance and long-term goals to help guide decisions.


Plan Reviews
We review your plan’s participation and performance levels, analyzing investments and monitoring funds.


Employee Communication and Investment Education
We coordinate enrollment meetings and offer investment education for plan participants.


Customized Planning for Employees
We educate plan participants about distribution alternatives, provide retirement cash flow analysis and consult with retirees regarding investment asset allocation.

Thinking About A Corporate Retirement Plan?

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